Fiber Line vs Traditional Blade Windshield Replacements

It’s important for customers to know if they get their windshield cut out with fiber line or a traditional blade. Blades lead to rust problem and future leaks. We see on a daily basis rust issues on pinchwelds due to technicians using blades and not having integrity and applying primer or the right amount of… Read more »

Is a Windshield Replacement as Safe as the Factory Bond?

Through our experience we have noticed not all factory bonds are created equal. Factory’s use a slow cure adhesive and sits in the parking lot until it’s ready to move. Most cases it’s several days. We have replaced windshields on brand new vehicles and the glue was still wet. We also notice many imperfections with… Read more »

Why is tape left on the windshield?

A car windshield being repaired.

Have you ever had a windshield replacement and the technician told you to leave the tape on for 24 hours? This is a dangerous practice and let me explain why. Urethane takes time to set up to be able to bond to the glass. If a conventional adhesive was used it takes several hours approximately… Read more »

How to help prevent a rock chip from cracking in the winter

If you know you have a rock chip, you want to get it repaired right away! For those who forget or the ones putting it off, here are some tips. Do not start with your defroster, instead start with your floor heat to get the ambient temperature warmed up then turn on your defroster. The… Read more »